Mr. Chayanin Debhakam, D.B.A.
Mr. Chayanin Debhakam, D.B.A.
  • Director (Non-Executive Director)
  • Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee
  • Chairman of the Executive Committee
54 Years Old
Appointment Date:
12 September 2014 (Re-elected as a director for another term on 22 April 2019)
  • Doctorate degree in Business Administration, Rattana Bundit University
  • Master of Management, Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University
  • Biomedical Science, Kingston University, United Kingdom
Director Training Courses by Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD):
  • Director Certification Program (DCP) Class of 191/2014
Other Trainings:
  • Securities & Exchange Commission Capital Markets Leader Program: Building Competitiveness of Nation and Thai Capital Markets, the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Politic and Governance in Democratic Systems for Executive Class of 12, King Prajadhipok’s Institute
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Judicial Training for Executive Class of 15, Judicial Training Institute
Work Experience:
  • Director, Mahasan Enterprise Company Limited
  • Director, Siam Parboiled Rice Company Limited
  • Director, Khao Pun Dee Company Limited
  • Director, Absolute Power P Company Limited
  • Director, CTG 2002 Company Limited
  • Director, Boonrawd Brewery Company Limited
  • Director, Leo Links Company Limited
  • Director, Fine Food Capital Company Limited
  • Director, Angthong Power Company Limited
Other Current Positions:
Listed Company
  • Director, Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Member of the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development, S Hotels and Resorts Public Company Limited
Public Company


Limited Company
  • Director, 38 subsidiaries and/or associate companies of Singha Estate Public Company Limited
  • Director, Solar Innovation Company Limited
  • Director, G-Force Company Limited
  • Director, Bangkok 12 Company Limited
  • Director, Kasem Wanarom Company Limited
  • Director and Deputy Managing Director, Singha Corporation Company Limited
  • Director, Singha Property Management Company Limited
  • Director, Boon Rawd Supply Chain Company Limited
  • Member of the Executive Committee, Boon Rawd Brewery Company Limited


State Enterprise


Securities Holding In Singha Estate

as of 31 December 2023

Common shares (S)

4,000,000 shares, equivalent to 0.06 percent of total paid-up shares

Family Relation with Other Directors

Cousin with Mr. Voravud Bhirombhakdi

Lawsuits in the 10 Preceding Years