Risk Management Policy

Singha Estate PLC has implemented an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to ensure the achievement of business target, enhance the value added and performance stability and maximize the benefit of stakeholders as well as align with Good Corporate Governance. All employees including Board of Director and management shall adhere to the Risk Management Policy. Risk Management shall be consistent to business strategies, operation plan, investment plan and all related law and regulation. The company prescribes the policy as following:

  1. The company shall operate its business by balancing between risk and return and aligning with risk appetite, to commit its business performance and objectives.
  2. The Company has to develop risk management system and process for both Corporate Level and Business Unit level as well as risk management for investment projects. To assess the risk, Company shall take into consideration of Strategic Risk, Operation Risk, Financial Risk, and Hazard Risk.
  3. Management and employees shall aware and manage risks within his/her accountability.
  4. Management and employees shall enhance risk management culture to ensure that risk management is embedded to daily operation and sustained.
  5. The company shall manage the events that may generate the negative impact to business objective and goals by
    1. 5.1 Identify and assess risks to determine both impact and likelihood
    2. 5.2 Develop risk control activities to manage risk to align with risk appetite level and the balance between cost and benefit
    3. 5.3 Monitor risk management regularly to ensure that risk is properly managed.

This policy shall be effective as of 20 February 2017, onwards.