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Notification of Rights of the Company's shareholders to subscribe to newly issued ordinary shares in offered for sale to the Company's shareholders proportionate to their shareholding and to oversubscribe those newly issued ordinary shares icon file
Subscription form for newly issued ordinary shares in SHR, for the group of ordinary shareholders of S eligible for share allotment icon file
U.S. Indicia Checklist (Individual & Juristic Person) only for shareholder wishing to deposit securities into the Issuer Account and Entity Status Certification and Information Disclosure Consent Form under FATCA icon file
Details of the subscription to newly issued ordinary shares in SHR icon file
Additional clarification for nominees, custodians, securities depositories, securities brokers, and any persons holding ordinary shares in Singha Estate PLC. on behalf of othersn icon file
Special pay-in slip /Bill-Payment of Kasikorn Bank PLC. icon file
Executive summary of the prospectus of SHR icon file