Singha Estate’s policy is to pay dividends at no less than 40% of the net profits after deducting juristic person income tax, legal reserves, and other provisions. Dividends are subject to change with performance outcomes, business expansion plans, liquidity, necessity, and other suitable future factors. The Board is authorized to decide on this matter in the best interests of the shareholders.

Board Declaration Date XD Date Payment Date Type of Dividend Dividend / Share Operation Period
08-Mar-21 - - Omission - FY2020
27-Apr-20 05-May-20 21-May-20 Cash 0.045 FY2019
28-Feb-19 14-Mar-19 17-May-19 Cash 0.04 FY2018
22-Feb-18 -- -- Omission -- FY2017
24-Feb-17 -- -- Omission -- FY2016
26-Feb-16 -- -- Omission -- FY2015
27-Feb-15 -- -- Omission -- FY2014
26-Feb-14 -- -- Omission -- FY2013
20-Feb-13 07-Mar-13 09-May-13 Cash 0.01111 FY2012
  07-Mar-13 09-May-13 Stock 10 : 1 FY2012
15-Feb-12 19-Mar-12 09-May-12 Cash 0.02778 FY2011
  19-Mar-12 09-May-12 Stock 4 : 1 FY2011