Business Continuity Management Policy

Singha Estate PLC has been aware of being well-prepared and doing our utmost to minimize the impact under crisis situation. The Company determined this policy to oversee Business Continuity Management System to ensure that our business operation will be continued under any crisis and be able to protect our reputation, image and deliver our business goals and sustainable value to all stakeholders according to our vision. The company prescribes the policy as following:

  1. The Company shall establish Business Continuity Management System in accordance with the international standard (ISO22301) which consist of planning, implementing, testing, monitoring, maintaining, improving and communicating company-wide.
  2. The direction of Business Continuity Management shall be consistent to business strategies. The Company shall delegate the competent working team to develop Business Continuity Plan, for both Corporate level and all Business Unit (BU), to mitigate the negative impact and resume to normal operation soonest.
  3. The Company shall conduct the drill, at least once a year or at any significant change, to test the system and the understanding of employees for further improvement.
  4. Top management of each BU shall oversee and ensure the effectiveness of the Business Continuity Management of own BU.
  5. All employees shall adhere to this Policy and participate in Business Continuity Management activities.

This policy shall be effective as of 19 August 2017, onwards.